About Us


With over 40 years of specializing in the manufacturing of solid state AC motor controls and motor protection products, Motortronics is a world-wide leader, second to none. Having shipped millions of solid state starters and controllers to virtually all industries around the world, we have amassed more real world experience than any other manufacturer in the business.

Founded in 1982, Motortronics was born out of innovation. We were the first company in the world to produce a digital 3 phase energy saving soft starter and have never stopped innovating since.

As the world-wide leader specializing in the manufacturing of soft starters, AC motor controls and motor protection products, Motortronics has extensive experience in collaborating with multinational teams and working to international standards.

Motortronics designs and builds custom soft starters for some of the world’s largest automation brands meeting international standards. Our design and engineering teams can create a quality product to meet your needs.

As one of only a few ‘true’ manufacturers of Medium Voltage Solid State Starters in the world, Motortronics’ products can be recognized under name brands of several key players in the electrical industry. Our products are being used as an integral part of packages offered by names like ABB, General Electric, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Toshiba just to name a few. Our strong engineering capabilities, manufacturing excellence and quality control have provided the foundation for the long term and successful relationships we have with all of our customers. Our customers have come to rely on Motortronics for dependable solutions to their motor starting needs.

Our headquarters are located in Clearwater, Florida with additional facilities in the British West Indies, China, South Korea and the UK.  We offer 24 hour live world-wide service and technical support as well as startup services in all locations and Egypt, so no matter where your customer is located, day or night, we have you covered.