TE-RTD12 Motor RTD Monitor / Relay Device

  • 12 RTD Inputs
  • 2 Isolated Digital Inputs
  • 3 Form C Relays
  • 2 Iso. Analog Inputs (4-20mA)
  • TE-RTD12 M-Link The TE-RTD12 Series M-Link software allows users to program, monitor, diagnose and startup a TE-RTD12 Monitor. For Windows 7 or higher, (ZIP File: 20.1 MB)

TE-RTD12 Features


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The TE-RTD12 Relay device adds advanced RTD (Resistor Temperature Detector) and differential current monitoring capability to your new or existing motor system. The TE-RTD12 Relay device offers 12 built-in RTD inputs, 3 programmable output relays (5A), 2 isolated analog inputs (4-20mA), 1 isolated analog output (4-20mA), 3 isolated digital inputs, and differential current feedback monitoring.

Additionally, an RS485 (2 wire) communication port is available for use with a master device (PLC / SCADA / Operator Interface) for the purpose of programming and/or monitoring.

Programmable relay outputs are provided that can be configured for a system function or for use as a global Alarm or Trip based on temperature readout, which can be entered in ºC or ºF.
A built-in event recorder stores fault history of past events with data points including Alarm / Trip Code, Current / Temperature value, Analog input value and Date / Time Stamp.

The TE-RTD12 Relay device can be mounted on a back panel using the mounting bracket or DIN-Rail mount.

Control Voltage 110 - 240 Vac

12 RTD inputs (Pt100, Ni100, Ni120, Cu10)
3 CT inputs for differential CT’s
2 isolated 4-20mA inputs ð
3 isolated Digital Inputs*


3 programmable form C Relays with 5A contact rating pilot duty
One isolated 4-20mA output ð


Two 4-digit displays, one for the RTD name (St1, St2, Fb, rb…) and one for the temperature.
1 green ‘OK’ LED, 1 yellow ‘ALARM’ LED, 1 red ‘TRIP’ LED and 3 Relay LED’s.
7 pushbuttons: 4 arrows, 1 ‘Function’, 1 ‘Enter’ and a ‘Reset’ button

Differenctial CT's

Primary 5 - 2000A
Secondary 1A or 5A
Alarm and Trip Levels OFF, 5% to 90 % of CT value
Important: The differential CT  feature is NOT designed to act as a UL Ground Fault or Over Current protection.

Resolution / Accuracy Analog Inputs better than 1%, Analog Outputs better than 0.5%
Communication Port 2 Wire RS485*
Serial Protocol MODBUS RTU
I/O Terminals Removable terminal blocks
Operating Temperature 32ºF – 122ºF / 0ºC to 50ºC
Storage Temperature -4ºF – 176ºF / -20ºC to 80º
Humidity 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
Approvals UL, CUL
* Digital Inputs share a common ground point.
ð All analog I/O share a common ground point.